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Summer School Information


Summer School information for 2022 will be posted in spring 2022.

If you have questions, please contact your student's school counselor. 



Students must achieve a passing grade and meet the attendance requirement.

No credit will be assigned if the student stops attending and tuition will be forfeited.

Tardies or Early dismissals will count against the minimum required seat time.

Any full day of non-attendance will count against the required seat time.


Code of Conduct:

All rules and policies adopted by NHS for the traditional academic year will

apply to summer sessions.  Please refer to the Student Agenda.



Transportation to and from Napoleon High School is the responsibility of the



Course Offerings:




Social Studies

*Maximum enrollment to be 10 students for each time slot.

*Each course will be offered each session. 

*All courses meet state guidelines for remediation (make-up for failed coursework).



A student may earn 1.0 credits through summer school, but both sessions would need to be completed.  Each session is worth .50 credit.

Students are expected to complete one additional hour of homework per day.

Parents will be notified at the conclusion of each summer school session of credit completion or failure.



Homework, quizzes, and/or tests will be assigned to support the classroom experience.  Grades will be assigned according to the NHS guidelines.  Recorded marks will be one of the following: P=Pass   or    F=Fail  


Contact Information

Napoleon High School, 701 Briarheath Dr. Napoleon, OH 43545

Mr. Ryan Wilde, Principal

Mr. Brian Burden, Assistant Principal

Mrs. Heidi Mekus, Guidance Counselor

Mrs. Megan Gerken, Guidance Counselor

Mrs. Megan Frankart, Guidance Counselor