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College Readiness

Ohio Public and Private College/University Information

Click HERE for Information on each Four-Year Public College or University.

Click HERE for Admissions Office contact info for all Four-Year Public Colleges and Universities. 

Click HERE for some answers to Frequently Asked Questions!  


***All of this information is also available for Ohio Four-Year Private Colleges and Universities in the guidance office.  See your counselor for this information!  


College Visit and Job Shadow Information

Napoleon High School juniors and seniors have three days each year that they may use towards going on a college visit or a job shadow experience.  These are excused absences, but the student must follow these steps in order to be excused:

  1. Schedule an official college visit with the college/university of your choice.  This is done by either calling the admissions office or going to the admissions page of the institutions website.  (If going on a job shadow, you must contact the employer or location and setup your job shadow experience). 
  2. Once you have scheduled your college visit or job shadow, you must stop in guidance and pick up a college visit/job shadow form.  Follow the steps listed on that form. 
  3. After your college visit or job shadow is completed, return the signed form to the guidance office. This final step makes the absence excused. 

If you have questions regarding this process, please feel free to contact your student's guidance counselor. 


What college might be right for me?

After you have begun your college search and perhaps visited a few colleges/univsersities, you will begin to figure out what you like and dislike about each.  Consider the following factors: 

  • Size of school (How many students are enrolled?)
  • Location (located in a major city or more rural area?)
  • Religious Affiliations
  • Clubs and Organizations
  • Residence Halls, Dining Halls, Educational Buildings

After visiting several colleges/universities, it will be beneficial to compare them on these levels and also work out a price comparison.  Consider using the worksheet below. 

College Planning Guide and College Comparison Worksheet



Interested in learning more about the FAFSA or Financial Aid? Check out these resources: 

Financial Aid Information


Comparing College Costs....

College Cost Comparison Worksheet





"I know my top three colleges/ what?"

The next step in preparing for high school graduation is to apply to your top 2-3 schools.  Some students will apply to more than 3, but you should always give yourself a few options when applying. 


"When do I apply?"  

Some colleges/universities will open their applications in the summer before your senior year.  If these schools are your top choices, you could apply then.  Otherwise, most schools open applications in the fall of a student's senior year.  The goal is always to apply to your top schools by Halloween of the senior year. Many schools have priority deadlines of November 1 or December 1 (depending on the college/university).  It is YOUR responsibility to know the application deadlines for the schools where you would like to apply.  Also, you must pay attention to timelines for early action and early decision.  


If you have questions specific to a college/university's policies or deadlines, you should contact the admissions office for that specific institution.  

If you have questions regarding financial aid for a college/university, you should contact the financial aid office for that specific institution.