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Fall Testing 2023

The following applies to students who attend in-person at NJSHS, students who learn online with NOA, or those who attend school at CBI:

Specific students will be participating in the Fall 2023 administration of the End-Of-Course assessments starting on Wednesday, November 29, 2023.  Students will be notified as to the specific date in which he/she will test.  Testing will end on Thursday, December 7, 2023.  Only students who need to test will be participating.  Students will be notified directly.

Juniors and Seniors who attend FCCC will follow guidelines established by FCCC administration.

Dates of Testing:

  • 11/29: Algebra 1 (Mrs. Wachtmann supervisor) w/ Niese in the media center - juniors as listed (10 students)

  • 11/30: ELA 2 (Mr. Schroeder supervisor) w/ Niese in the media center - juniors as listed (9 students)

  • 12/6: Government CBI (Mrs. Bostelman supervisor) w/ Niese in the media center - seniors only who attend CBI & make up from 11/29 & 11/30. School counselors contact the CBI instructor to remind the students.

  • 12/7: Global make up day if needed (Niese supervisor) in the media center - Last call for All students


The guidance office will send out paper reminders to students.  Mrs. Wachtmann sent an email to all students.  An early release form with the testing students will be sent out from the main office.


Bell Schedule:
  • 8:10-9:30am - Study period with teacher

  • 9:34-10:54am - Testing section 1

  • 10:58-11:24am - Testing section 1 continued

  • 11:24-11:58am - Lunch

  • 11:58-12:58pm - Break/Study period

  • 1:02-1:34pm - Testing section 2

  • 1:40-3:00pm - Testing section 2 continued



Updated 11/22/2023