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The Distinguished Alumni Hall of Fame


The purpose of the Napoleon Area City Schools Distinguished Alumni Hall of Fame is to recognize and honor Napoleon Area City School graduates or alumni, which may include nominees from pre-consolidation schools, who have achieved significant success in their chosen career fields, and to provide outstanding role models for the students in the Napoleon Area School District.  An alumni is defined as an attendee of a Napoleon Area City School facility, or a former facility which is now part of Napoleon Area City Schools. 


The core committee consists of 11 voting members.  In an attempt to keep the group diverse, consideration of membership will include, but not be limited to, individuals with knowledge of Agribusiness, the Arts and Sciences, the Military, the Four County Career Center, specific eras, and the community, with an attempt to keep the group equitable in terms of community representation.


The committee shall make the Napoleon Area Schools Distinguished Citizens Hall of Fame nomination forms available to the general public via the local newspaper, radio, seasonal athletic programs, building website and the Alumni Association website and newsletter.  The committee and public at large may generate nominations.  The deadline for nominations shall be December 31.  The committee will receive copies of the nominations at the January meeting.  Any nominations received after December 31 will be held for consideration for the future inductions.  


The committee will vote on the final inductees by January 31.  A representative of the committee will contact the inductee(s), and a letter will also be sent by March 15 informing them that they have been selected.  The recommended number of members to be inducted annually into “the hall” shall be 0-5 individuals.  A nomination will remain in the active file for five years.  The selection and induction process will be an annual event.


Distinguished alumni Nomination Form